Hair Care Tips

Hair Maintainence Tips

It is very important to maintain hair extensions correctly. Following the tips below will extend the life of your extensions and also make them reusable.
  • Prior to attaching weft hair double check for loose hair (especially the ends where the weft has been cut). Correct by sewing or using adhesive to prevent shredding.
  • Always back wash the hair with luke warm water and a mild shampoo.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub dry.
  • Style hair using a wide tooth comb or tipped hair brush and avoid pulling the hair from the bond or stitching.
  • Excessive use of hair sprays or gels is not recommended.
  • If using a heat styling aid use on a low heat. Spray hair with Bohyme Remi Hair Mist before applying heat or few drops of water mixed with baby oil,repeat this every two to three days, < this will stop hair from drying out and looking dull.
  • Avoid using chemicals to style or perm hair extensions.
  • Although it is possible to re dye the hair extensions this process is best left to professionals, re dying hair extensions will make it dry and extra care is needed to maintain the hair extensions.
  • When dying always do a test on a small piece beforehand to see the result and also check the stitching as some chemicals can cause the stitching to become loose and therefore cause shredding.
  • Avoid using bleaching products to lighten hair.

Pre-Bonded Hair

  • Only use non-oily shampoos and styling aids as generally any oil loosens the bond.
  • Use a very wide tooth or wide tipped brush and avoid brushing or combing directly onto the bond.
  • Do not use any heat appliances to style or dry the hair as this will loosen the bond.

Textured Hair

  • In general, the curlier the hair the more maintenance is required.
  • The waves and curls are not permanent and will eventually become straight over time